Saturday, July 10, 2010

Did The Devils Really Offer Kovalchuk A 17 Year Deal?

Larry Brooks is reporting that:
Devils' offer to Kovalchuk is 17 yrs, $100M+ with $100M front-loaded into 1st 10 years
I don't believe it to be honest. First of all, I think that Lou Lamoriello is probably the last GM in the league that would be giving 17 year contracts. Also, if this were true, how much over $100M is this contract offer for? The original rumor was that he was offered $102M, but if the deal is for 17 years and front loaded to give Kovalchuk $10M for the first ten years then the final seven years of the deal will leave him playing for less than the league minimum.

The NHL "investigated" the Marian Hossa 12-year deal last summer but this would be way worse. This is obvious salary cap circumvention. It looks like it falls within the rules of the CBA, but is this a loop hole that teams are going to continue to exploit? What's next? Why not just make it a 25 year deal, lower the cap it to less than $6M per year.

Is Lou trying to sucker Glen Sather into a bidding war?  I mean, supposedly Sather just gave Derek Boogaard $1.6M per season because the Oilers were also interested in Boogaard.


Anonymous said...

Glen, please stay out of the Kovalchuck sweepstakes pleease.

Puck Central said...

If it were a result of him waiving Redden then it wouldn't be so bad. But, if the NYR have to give Kovalchuk a $10M/yr cap hit deal for a significant period of time w/ Redden still skating at MSG then there is no doubt good young players will be sacrificed.

Gaborik/Kovalchuk on one line would be scary but it more than likely would be very detrimental to the rest of the team