Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jody Shelley Signs With Philly

According to Bob McKenzie:
Jody Shelley to PHI on a three year deal worth $1.1M per year.
I wanted Shelley back in New York as much as the next guy but I'm sorry, that contract is plain ridiculous for an over 35 contract. It was reported yesterday that the Rangers had offered Shelley a two year deal worth $825K per season, which I thought was more than fair.

The question is, who do the Rangers sign now? Earlier today it was reported that if Shelley didn't sign in New York they might go after the giant Derek Boogaard but just a little while ago rumors began to surface that he was close to signing and the deal wasn't with New York. Maybe Sather steps up his offer now that Shelley is officially off the market.

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