Thursday, July 1, 2010

Looks Like Rangers Are After Biron or Nittymaki

To follow up on last week's post about the Rangers seeking a solid backup for Henrik Lundqvist via free agency. With less than one hour until NHL Free Agency opens up, Pierre LeBrun of ESPN chimes in
"if I were a betting man I'd bet on Biron or Nittymaki being a Ranger today." 

Earlier today in the NY Post, Larry Brooks wrote about the Rangers interest in Hedberg, Biron or Nittymaki. If money weren't important then I would say that the Rangers would be interested in Hedberg. But, reports from Atlanta indicate that Hedberg who earned roughly $1.1M last season wants a pay raise. I don't think that Sather will be spending over $900K on a backup goalie for Lundqvist.

Update 11:25am ET : Darren Dreger has added to the speculation by saying "Look for Marty Biron to sign with the Rangers. Just a hunch..."

Update 12:01pm ET: Per Bob McKenzie "Marty Biron's deal with the Rangers is expected to be for two years at just less than $1 million per year"


Anonymous said...

Sather will eff this team up again!

MTI79 said...

Biron will be a Ranger today. I'm cautiously optimistic. I like Marty but I hope he doesn't expect the $1.4 he got last year....

Puck Central said...

I don't think Sather will be paying over $1M for any backup. In fact, I think it'll be less than $1M. With the abundance of UFA goalies on the market it has to help drive the price down on backups I would think