Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Competition Time! Calling All Hockey Fans...Interested in Blogging?

Update: Winner gets $65 Gift Certificate  to CSNStores which sells many items from dining tables to dumbbells.

Last summer I had asked any of our readers (or anyone that came along the blog in passing) if they were interested in guest blogging for Puck Central. We had a good response and ran a few guest blogs prior to the start of the 2009-10 season.

I'd like to once again offer anyone out there the chance to have their opinion heard. On average Puck Central has about 1k visitors a day during the offseason and hopefully that number will increase again once hockey starts up again within the next month.

There is no set criteria for what you must write. All I ask that the article is hockey related. You can be a Rangers fan, an Islanders fan, a Leafs fan or an international hockey fan. All that matters is that the article covers hockey and is your original work. I also request that you do not use any profanity and that the blog be be kept as grammatically correct as possible.

The last time I did this I got a handful of responses (all great articles) and those articles were amongst the most commented on and viewed articles that had been posted on the site to date. I'm hoping that this time around there is more interest and that perhaps that the guest bloggers can become regulars. I know how much you all love reading what I have to say (I kid), but in all honesty, the more people writing about the Rangers or hockey in general the more interesting the blog becomes.

I also welcome any other hockey bloggers out there to write an article for us. I'll gladly allow you to put a link in the article back to your own site, so it can also serve as a chance to get some more readers for your own website.

Thanks to CSNStores I am able to turn this into a competition, rather than just a request to get some of you to write articles! The winner will receive "one-time-use $65 gift certificate to use as they wish" at FitnessEquipmentandMore.com or CSNStores.com

The winner will be decided by me of course. I will take into consideration the quality of the article, the amount of readers that the article gets (meaning you should link to the article as much as you can) and the amount of comments that your article generates in the comments section. It can be a combination of these qualities.

Deadline: September 24th @ Midnight ET

If interested just send me an e-mail or send me a message via Twitter

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