Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Design A Banner Competition, Win Easton Hockey Apparel

Originally posted last week

If you haven't noticed, we changed the design up a little bit earlier today. The main change is that we went from a blue background to a white background.

We also added a new comments feature which allows visitors to comment more easily by signing in via their Twitter account.

As a result of the design change, I've decided that Puck Central deserves a legit looking banner. I'm not looking for anything too flashy, although I know that some of you have crazy photoshop skills. As you can see, the original banner that I have is pretty plain.

Since this is a non-profit website, I don't have any cash prizes to offer up. But, I can do the next best thing for you hockey fans. The grand prize will be hockey apparel from Easton Hockey. Last month Easton had sent me over some quality merchandise such as a baseball cap,  winter hat, Easton Adult sized jacket and an Easton Adult sized red hooded sweatshirt. I haven't decided yet which of these the winner will receive (most likely either one or both of the hats), it depends on the response to the competition and the quality of banners that I receive.

Keep in mind that although I often post material related to the NHL, this is a Rangers blog and therefore if any team is predominant in the banner it should be the Rangers ;)

1) You can submit as many banners as you want
2) Banner Must Say PuckCentral.net
3) Banner Must Be 860px × 135px or Smaller
4) Image must be in JPEG or GIF format
5) I will select the winner and it will be used on PuckCentral.net
6) You can e-mail me image files to declan911@gmail.com or send urls via Twitter
7) Competition Deadline: Thursday, August 12th 9PM ET

For those interested, I am going to upload all entries here, so you can see what has been submitted.

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