Saturday, August 28, 2010

Staal's Agent Says They Aren't Looking For Offer Sheet

According to The Sporting News:
As negotiations between the New York Rangers and restricted free agent Marc Staal drag on into late August, rumors of pending offer sheets for the talented young defenseman have started to surface.
But offer sheets aren’t the focus right now, said Staal agent Paul Krepelka of the Orr Hockey Group.

“The report of an offer sheet is absolutely unfounded and our priority and focus is on finalizing a deal with the Rangers,” Krepelka wrote in an e-mail to Sporting News.
I've put this up because it's some information regarding the Staal situation, but it's not much. Did you really expect Staal's agent to say anything other than this? It's not like he was going to ever admit they were looking for an offer sheet, even if they were.

We covered the Marc Staal situation last week and there hasn't been much change yet apparently.

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