Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Morning Link Dump: Rules, Making Hockey More Fun & Fighting in the KHL!

  • continues to run their feature 30 in 30 in which each day for a month they focus on one NHL team. Yesterday it was the Rangers turn - a look at the new players, the players that left, three players to watch and a prediction.

  • Five Minutes For Fighting has some good ideas with a list of "Ten Ideas To Make Hockey Even More Fun." I think the author may have ran out of number ideas when he got down to #2 because it was plain awful in my opinion, but the rest of the list was creative and full of things that truly would make hockey "even more fun."

  • Down Goes Brown takes a look at the new rules being considered at the NHL Research and Development Camp. [By the way, DGB is a blog you'll want to check often, it's hilarious and now thanks to a deal they have with a Canadian media outlet, they blog a couple of times a week.]

  • There has always been fighting in the KHL, but now it's being treated the same way as the NHL. According to Dmitry Chesnokov of Puck Daddy "KHL legalized fighting. Until this upcoming season fighting carries an automatic game misconduct penalty." Will we see an increase of North American players who specialized in the fine art of punching other people's faces heading over to the KHL? Possibly a place for Donald Brashear to finish his career. Also check out this forum post over at, which explains a little how it affects the KHL rules.

  •  Del Zotto says it's his job to get the Rangers power play going [NYR Blog]

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