Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Morning Link Dump: New Rules, Rookie Watch, Team Sales & More

  • Are the Dallas Stars about to be sold? Rumor is that there's a buyer for the the team and the price could be as high as $300M [Dallas Stars Blog] and Mark Cuban could be a potential buyer according to TSN

  • Who are the early favorites for the NHL "Rookie of the Year?" [Hockey's Future]

  • A look at some of the new rules being considered by the NHL at their Research & Development Camp [The Rangers Tribune]

  • Speaking of rule changes, a look at The Hockey News "Top 10 Rules That Changed The Game"

  • A team by team analysis heading into the 2010-11 NHL Season [From The Rink]

  • It's a contract year for these eleven players and they need to have a big year [CBS Sports]

  • The Hartford Whalers moved to Carolina 13 years ago (the last NHL team to relocate) but apparently they are still a big merchandise seller [All Voices]
Hartford Whalers Vintage Replica Jersey 1979 (Away)
Hartford Whalers Vintage *Ricky* Cap

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