Monday, September 20, 2010

Hartford Wolf Pack To Be Renamed Connecticut Whale

Update 9/20/10: An announcement is expected today according to However, there is a slight change to the original story that was reported over the summer. Originally it was believed that the team was going to be renamed the Connecticut Whalers, apparently it will now be changed to the Connecticut Whale. Strangely the team will start the season as the Hartford Wolf Pack and then change the official name during the season.
The name, a new logo and uniforms are expected to be in place by Feb. 19, when the Whale face the Providence Bruins.

Thanks to The NYR Blog for the link & @MotherPucker for the image above

Originally posted 8/5/10:
According to Howlings, a reliable blog covering the Hartford Wolf Pack
the last hurdle has been cleared for Howard Baldwin and his Whalers Sports & Entertainment to take over operation of the Hartford Wolf Pack. Larry Gottesdiener and his Northland Investment Corporation’s essentially removed itself from the equation in the operation of the XL Center. They turned over their interests to AEG. Well, it is only a matter of time now, as early as next week, that it should become official. When that happens, the Hartford Wolf Pack will be no more and the new team will be the Connecticut Whalers. The relationship with the Rangers will remain in place.
There's more information about the ownership change and the push for the name change here and here

I'd imagine that the reason the team will become the Connecticut Whalers instead of the former "Hartford Whalers" is beceause of naming rights issues. I'll also assume that the logo will not resemble the old Whalers logo above.

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