Monday, September 27, 2010

Forget about Dru

The (unfortunate) captain of the New York Rangers is Chris Drury, a guy who signed a big contract with the Rangers after having a career year with Buffalo in the free agent summer that saw him and former Ranger Scott Gomez come to Broadway. I'm sure that I am not the only Ranger fan that feels this way, but it seems like ever since he got here, Chris Drury has done less and less for this team. He blocks shots, scores every once in a while, and isn't vocal in the locker room. His point production sucks to say the least, and IMO his game is becoming too slow for this NHL, which has been getting faster and younger year after year. There are so many centers on this team right now it's ridiculous, and I would rather play each of them over Drury.

I'd prefer Christensen or Stepan on the first line, White/Prospal on the second line, Anisimov (who's been playing outstanding and looks to me like he should get a chance centering Gabby and Fro) on the third line, and Brian Boyle on the fourth line (another player who became quicker this off season). Why should we take away a spot from one of these more productive guys, minus Todd White, to give it to Drury? It just doesn't make sense. Oh yeah, he has a huge contract, way to go, Sather! Just how we waived Wade Redden because of his salary, there were younger and better players that were waiting to fill his spot. I am in favor of pulling Drury and leaving him out to dry. However, I am a realist and I know there's NO way Torterella or Sather pull this move just yet, so the best case scenario is that he plays a wing role and if someone goes down to injury, he could step in and play center.

This team is almost ready for the future. Now that Redden is gone, Rozsival, Drury, White and Prospal should follow suit over the next 2-3 years. Perhaps Drury will stick around longer than the rest of the rental crew, but I am ready to give the "C" over to Callahan or Staal whenever that time comes. Their are enough talented prospects to fill each of their roles, and the best part is that we'll finally have a manageable salary cap situation. No matter how much I dislike Sather, it seems that his dubious plan is actually taking shape. He has been saying that he wants to create room for the kids, and now with only a few players left to get rid of, perhaps we will have a team with a few older guys (I can live with Gabby and Frolov for as long as they're here) and the rest of the roster filled with homegrown talent.

Only time will tell where the Rangers go this season, but we only have 12 days to see how this team will show up to play for real points.

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