Friday, September 10, 2010

Guest Blog: Logjam in New York

This is a Guest Blog as part of the current competition we are running here on Puck Central   

by  Jordan

To say the NYRangers have an abundance of forwards is an understatement. They are literally oozing with offensive depth at this point, one week prior to training camp.

The problem is that most of these players are dispensible, guys who can shuffle in and out of the lineup with virtually no real positive or negative effect. The biggest crunch on the roster is at LW, with Frolov, Avery, Prospal/Dubinsky (one will be playing center), Kennedy, Zuccarlo-Assen and Booggard. That means two of the above will start out in Hartford and be call ups depending on the play of the others. It's hard to not keep The Boogey Man in the lineup with his physical presence and huge contract. We don't know yet how MZA will do in training camp, but it is known that newly acquired Tim Kennedy is a young player with tremendous upside.

With center position all taken up, Kennedy will most likely start on the Third line this season with Drury and Callahan. Actually, that line sounds pretty damn good to me.

Frolov will most likely start the season with Christensen and Gaborik, which leaves Dubi or Prospal filling in the second line spot. Torts has stated that he wants Dubinsky to play a definitive left wing role this year as he seems to be more productive there, so let's put Dubinksy with White/Anisimov and Prospal on the right side for now. This leaves Avery, MZA, and Booggard fighting for the last wing spot on the team along with Prust and White/Anisimov. As you can see, there is little wiggle room here. And as every NYRanger fan knows, Torts isn't a big fan of Sean Avery or his tactics on the ice. Even though he's a fan favorite, its hard to squeeze him into this lineup.

Regardless of how much I love Avery, I'd like to give Kennedy a shot to see if his offensive upside can translate to goals for the NYRangers. Same goes for MZA, as we don't yet know how he will fit on this team or if he will play at all. It seems likely he will start the season down with Hartford, as there's no real spot for him.

Now, imagine this is only the LW position, and it is truly remarkable from a NYR fans perspective to have this much depth on the LW after the last few years. Regardless of how much bloggers and writers debate it, we won't know how this all plays out until at least October 9th against Buffalo, when two of the mentioned players above do not dress for that game.

However, there is a growing belief that stockpiling these players is for a trade of somesort. Biggest one I've heard is Avery/Gilroy for Devon Setoguchi from San Jose. I'm not one to believe rumors and such, but this one is quite compelling. Would you make that trade if you were in GM Sather's alligator skin shoes? That's up to you, but I would be hard pressed to make that decision based on Setoguchi's ups and downs recently. It all comes down to signing Marc Staal, who if and when he is signed, the team will be a lot more balanced and respected.

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bklyn94nyr said...

For once i wholeheartedly agree with what was said. There is a "logjam" that is gonna see 2 guys go down, but which 2? Writer makes a great point and its true we won't know until October

davidahockey said...

I see the lines like this:

I think Avery and Boogey will split time throughout the season. MZA has mad skills, or so I hear and think hell be In the lineup.

averysmouth said...

I like those lines, however I would swap Prospal and Frolov. this team needs to spread all the goal scoring that they can. I like Avery, but his numbers have been declining every year and id like to see wat the "Hobbit" can do on Broadway. Kennedy is a b*tch, i cant see him scoring more than 10 goals this year. Way to go Sather.

brandon bb said...

@averysmouth I think you and ur mouth needs to get outta town. brandon prust has everything u got and can score. He's a great PKer, takes the body and is full of heart. With Prust and Booggard now in the lineup for the first full season, what's the point of keeping Avery??

There is none

Leatherneck said...

Wiese will make the team

Dubi EC Gabby
Forlov AA Cally
Avery Pospy Wiese
Prust Drury Boogey
Byers and Kennedy

Staal Sauer
McDonagh Roszy
Del Zotto Girardi

Hank and Biron

I like this team and it's grit and allows for an easy transition of our youth next year into the line up

Puck Central said...

We'll have to wait and see I guess....keep posting those lines guys ;)

nolan owen said...

I do not see Anisimov centering the second line. He's slow and shows vey fes flashes of offense. Prospal with his old age would still put up bigger numbers than him. Let's put him him on the 3rd line with Cally and Kennedy. He could potentially have a very good offensive year with those 2 guys.

Dubi Prospal Gabby
Frolov Christen. Fedetenko
Kennedy Anisimov Callahan
Avery Drury Prust

Ruslan Feds said...

Since we just got Fedetenko...

Frolov Prospal Gabby
Dubi Chirstensen Cally
Avery White Fedetenko
Byers Anisimov Prusty