Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Impressive Fitness Numbers From NHL Players

We all know that it takes a lot of skill to become a professional hockey player. Over the years NHL players have gotten bigger and stronger. The sport has turned from something that players did for a few months of the year to one where once the season ends, the players have only a short break before they are working out during the offseason to be ready for the NHL training camps that are right around the corner. Of course there are always the rumors about players that are out of shape, recent stories that to come to mind involve Kyle Wellwood and Dustin Penner. But, one area of the NHL that has always interested me is some of the fitness numbers that these players put up away from the rink.

Here are some of the more interesting stories/numbers that I have seen in the past couple of years:
  • Last season during Boston's  training camp, Zdeno Chara, the hulking defenseman who is 6'9" and weighs in at 255lbs managed to do 31 pull ups [Link]

  • Dane Byers who is at training camp attempting to earn a spot on the New York Rangers roster this season finished first out of all players at the Rangers camp running two miles in 11:32 according to Jim Cerny.

  • At the St. Louis Blues camp "Erik Johnson maxed out at 300 pounds on the bench press which is the maximum allowed and Cam Janssen maxed out at 280 pounds." [Link]

  • Rod Brind'Amour and Chris Chelios [who both retired this summer] were fitness freaks. Chris

    Rod "The Bod"
    Chelios' workout was posted on, it didn't seem that out of the ordinary. But, what is out of the ordinary is what the 46 year old Chelios did AFTER his workout in the gym. According to the SIarticle, "Chelios's training days don't end when he returns to his beachfront Malibu home. He'll often take 40-mile bike rides along the Pacific Coast Highway, then spend the afternoon paddle-surfing for as much as 16 miles in the Pacific."

    Brind'Amour [featured in video below] always had a reputation in the NHL as being a guy that worked as hard as any professional athlete. There were stories even before he made the NHL that while he was in college the trainers had to lock the gym at night to keep Brind'Amour out of it.

      Have you heard any interesting NHL fitness stats/stories that impressed you? Doesn't have to be from this year. Would love to have some links if possible, for years I've heard rumors that Martin Lapointe bench pressed 450lbs regularly, but never saw it posted on a legit site. Send me an e-mail or drop a comment below.

      Update:   I got several e-mails already telling me that the bench press numbers above aren't impressive. I am aware that 300lbs is not an uncommon bench press, but it's not common to see player's actual weight room numbers, so that's why I think the numbers that I posted for Janssen and Johnson are interesting.

      After the jump I will post the best videos & stats that I get sent

        • Victor Oreskovich (Cancuks) says in this video that at one point prior to losing weight, he was doing three sets of six repetitions of 335lbs on the close grip bench press. [Video courtesy of xtr3m]

        • Several people have commented on Duncan Keith (also a video in comments section), last season's Norris Trophy winner.  According to
        His VO2-max, a metric of blood-oxygen use and overall cardio-vascular durability, is said to be truly exceptional, similar only to that of Lance Armstrong.
        • Mike Komisarek holds the record for the Wingate Test according to Next Testing a company that tests professional athletes. It's unclear based though whether Komisarek holds the record around the world or just the record for athletes that Next Testing has conducted the test on. The Wingate test is considered the "the most popular assessment for peak anaerobic power, anaerobic fatigue and total anaerobic capacity." [Link courtesy of Punch Imlach]
        • Steven Stamkos spent the summer working out under the guidance of former NHLer Gary Roberts. "Stamkos spent his summer squatting three-hundred and sixty pounds in killer sets of five reps." [Link]

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