Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Puck Central Welcomes New Writer Aboard

Since Puck Central opened in February of 2009 it's been a one man show. I've reached out a couple of times to get guest bloggers and have always envisioned adding at least another writer to the site. In my opinion another writer on a regular basis is a good thing because it provides a differing opinion and more fresh content.

After a couple of successful postings on Puck Central we are ready to welcome aboard Jordan who will be blogging under the alias "NYRSU". I'll allow Jordan to introduce himself below:
ATTN: All Rangers fans, your new blogger for everybody's favorite NYR blog, PuckCentral, has landed. My name is Jordan, or you can call me NYRSU. I'll keep this short on a Wednesday morning, however after blogging for The Dark Ranger and a few journalism courses later, I have taken another leap into the ups and (mostly) downs world of everybody's favorite team to hate, the NY Rangers.
I'm hoping to not disappoint Puck Central's solid fan base, at least not as much as Sather disappoints us. I'll be bringing you real-time updates during games, new giveaways and trivia via my Twitter account and all my New York Ranger opinions and insights. And don't worry - I'm in no way replacing the great Declan - simply adding another voice to the site.

So, put your seats in the upright position.. or don't.. and enjoy the uneasy, yet vividly rewarding ride that is the New York Rangers.
Jordan is also on Twitter: @JordanSchoem


mikelynch said...

Glad you're bringing new perspective to the site. Liked this kids take on the teams lines in his article last week. Lots of luck; to you and to a WINNING season.

NApuckN said...

Looking forward to real time updates during the games. Great idea.