Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tortorella On The Hot Seat?

Scott Burnside of ESPN has named John Tortorella as one of the coaches on the hot seat this season.
Tortorella will have his hands full on Broadway as the Rangers continue to studiously avoid filling crucial gaps in their lineup, like a top center and power-play quarterback, thanks in large part to the perpetual malaise that afflicts the GM position held apparently for life by Glen Sather....
To be sure, Tortorella is far more than a fiery glare and a granite jaw. But in the tough Atlantic Division, Tortorella will have to up the ante to get his Rangers back into the postseason.
I am not the biggest Tortorella fan, even though I do think that he's a fairly decent coach. I think I was in the minority when I said it was wrong for the Rangers to have fired Tom Renney a year and a half ago. But, how much longer is it going to be a coach on the hot seat in New York? When is Sather's ass going to be on the hot seat?

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