Saturday, October 9, 2010

And Here..We..GO

Its opening night for the New York Rangers tonight against Buffalo (interstate rivalry?) which should be a great game. Lundqvist/Miller, Gaborik/Vanek, Myers/Staal, Frolov/Roy, Torts/Ruff..some real intruiging matchups to watch for.

Yea, Miller won the Vezina and Myers won the Conn Smythe, but the NYR are certainly a deeper team than Buffalo. No, Tim Kennedy will not be suiting up to play against the team that cut him loose 8 weeks ago, a testament to the Rangers depth. There's been an abundance of Rangers coverage the last few weeks to the point where if I heard people debate lineups, rumours or injuries one more time, I would've snapped like a Vladimir Malakhov stick.

But, alas, the new season is here! And with it, comes a whole new bag of things to talk about and beat to death with this blog, so sit tight, the puck drops only 6 hours, and 18 minutes from now.

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