Friday, October 22, 2010

Hank or Marty?

Marty Biron played pretty damn well last night--yes, the Rangers blocked 30 shots, but he did have some very quick leg and glove saves on certified goal scorers. The problem, (which is a good problem) for the Rangers brass, is do they start Biron to keep him rolling or do they throw Hank into the net and go with the Rangers franchise player? Decisions, decisions....

Surprisingly, I think that the Rangers should start Biron tomorrow night in Boston and I will tell you why. Here's a few reasons:

1) After watching him play, he is definitely capable of going into an opponents stadium and walking away with the 'W'.

2) The Ranger players have the mentality that since good ole' Hank isn't keeping the net safe, they have to play hungrier to make up for the "backup" goalie, a screwed up mentality, but a flaw that they proved true last night nonetheless.

3) Giving Biron another game under his belt will boost his confidence, especially if he plays well. This can only help the Rangers in the long run with an emotional guy like Biron.

4) Giving Hank another two days off can only benefit him as well, as he always shows up against the Devils and is usually very sharp when he has some ZzZZzzZz's.

5) Hank should absolutely start in net at MSG on Sunday night, meaning Hank will have 5 games and Biron 2; a high ratio (10:4), but as long as they're both playing well, it's worth the risk this early in the season.

6) Having two goalies playing well in the first 7 games of the season would be a great start for them, as increased confidence is a particularly important booster for goalies.

7) You can argue that it was the Leafs who lost the game and not the Rangers who won it last night, but you cannot argue that the Rangers were tighter on D and sacrificed their bodies to keep the puck away from the net more so than the first 4 games (Biron effect)?

At least that's my opinion. I was never to high on Biron over the years watching him, but after seeing him play well and the Rangers play well in front of him, I'd like to see him again against a solid opponent (Boston is 4-1).

UPDATE: Lundqvist gets the start tonight. Can't go wrong with the king in net, but I was hoping to see Biron in another game. We will in time. Big game tonight, let's keep that winning streak rolling..
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