Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Morning Musings

There are plenty of things going on in with the New York Rangers, both on and off the ice. Vinny Prospal is actually hurt worse than we the fans ever knew, and, according to Larry Brooks, might even reqiure season ending surgery to fix his right knee. This would open up space upfront, and as you can see the lines, his presence isn't truly missed, yet. This morning the Rangers are practicing with lines that can be the opening night roster, barring any possible trades:

Frolov-Christensen-Gaborik Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan
White and Kennedy

That lineup is well balanced and speedy. I am especially keen of the second and third line after watching the preseason and seeing how well Anisimov is skating as well as Derek Stepan. Very excited that the kid from Wisco is playing with such intensity (3 goals, 2 assists) and is looking like he'll make the team The third line had a camp to remember, and even though bragging about preseason is like scoring a sweet shootout goal in practice, merit must be given to Avery and Feds who played astonishingly well. The team is now, as it once wasn't, full of depth, to the point where Tim Kennedy and Todd White, who are pretty good players, aren't even dressed.

The issue arising with all these role players is that on the back end, the Rangers have 5/7 righty defensemen, something that is important enough to start trade talks to acquire another lefty D. Michael Del Zotto and Marc Staal are the lone lefties, but this is a huge reason why Sheldon Souray pickup talks have been slowly escalating each day. Souray has a huge cap hit ($5.4 mill) and might not be the guy the Rangers end up with. However, NYR scouts have been watching both Cloumbus and Edmonton preseason games, spawning intense trade rumours that go as far as saying: Dubinsky and Rozsival for Andrew Cogliano and Souray.

I like to think of myself as a realist, and that particular rumour is just plain dumb. But, this is what happens when Ranger pro scouts attend more than a few games of other teams. Nobody truly knows who the Rangers are focusing on, or who they're shopping around, but the depth the team now has (including many prospects in AHL) could lead to a potential swap. I'm thinking that we'll know sooner than later on this particularly burning question.

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