Saturday, October 16, 2010

Video: Great Hit, Horrible Call By Refs

These are the BS calls that many of us were afraid were going to creep into the game as a result of the new "no hits to the head" rule. Letang's hit was a solid, clean hockey hit. This is what physical hockey is all about. Letang never makes contact with Comeau's head, it was all shoulder. It was only a matter of time before we saw a ref make a ridiculous call after a huge hit that was actually within the rules.

Oh yeah...and want to know some more interesting information regarding that clip? You see that Islander (Josh Bailey) that jumps on Letang's back, he got a two minute penalty for that. Unbelievable. Listen, I'm all for being allowed to go after an  opponent after they hit a teammate but this just shows how inconsistent the referees in the NHL are. On any other night, Bailey likely gets at least four minutes. Most nights he's getting a misconduct and  possibly even enough penalty minutes to challenge Dave Schultz's record for most penalty minutes in one NHL season.

It's a sad day in hockey when hits like these are penalized!

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