Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Video: Wisniewski Obscene Gesture Towards Sean Avery

While watching the first period of yesterday's Rangers/Islanders game I saw Wisniewski making the gesture towards Avery and I immediately thought to myself, did he really just do what I think he did? Then, after re-winding using the DVR, I got the confirmation that I was looking for (and took a picture of it, below). Unlike some, I actually thought it was pretty funny.

I watched the first period of the game, then had to go out so I ignored hockey news all day so that I could catch the rest of the game via DVR last night. After the game I was surprised to see how big a deal some people were making about the gesture. If Nick Boynton gets fined for his throast slashing gesture during pre-season then I expect that Wiz will get something similar. It's not suspension worthy. Then again, like many have already said (including Avery himself), if this was Sean Avery.....what would the punishment be? Possibly banishment from the league forever!

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