Monday, November 15, 2010

Crosby and Malkin No Match for Dubi and Cally

The Rangers got lucky tonight in their overtime win against the Penguins. Don't get me wrong they did play with heart and determination, and when they needed to step up (mainly on the penalty kill), they performed extremely well. But.........Lundqvist played very well. He stood on his head yet again, giving the Rangers the chance to get 2 points. It was nice that the Ranger forwards were able to get 3 very timely goals, which shows their confidence in one another. The win was awesome, but there are some other issues that I'd like to discuss:

ESPN has been silently pushing hard for the broadcast rights to the NHL. Since HBO chose the NHL for their popular "24/7" program, the league has been gaining a lot of attention around the country. I personally don't find the Versus coverage all that exciting or well done, so I am all for a switch back to the ESPN network. They have the best sports coverage in the world and as long as they bring some better guys in for hockey commentary (Mathew Barnaby and Barry Melrose would not suffice for expanded coverage), I will be a happy hockey fan.

Erik Christensen, in my mind, can go back to being a scrub on any of the other teams he previously played for. Problem with that is that none of those teams would want him, and I don't blame them. First, he tells the media that Sean Avery DID in fact throw a sucker punch against the Oilers on Sunday, than he tells John Giannone on MSG that he and Pittsburgh Penguins' goalie, Marc Andre-Fleury, are "great friends". Listen, you don't go and talk badly about a teammate, and than during a TV interview say that you're great friends with the opposing goalie DURING the game! Oh, and the guy disappears more often during games than Patrick Swayze did in 'Ghost'..

Michael Del Zotto needs to bulk up, learn how to play angles, and practice his passing. Yes, pass. He gives away the puck like it was a hot piece of coal. Watching the Ranger/Pittsburgh game as I type this, Del Zotto has been manhandled and has been afraid to go into the corner for the puck at least 19 times during the game. WOW-Amazingly, Del Zotto just gave up the puck and it lead to a Matt Cooke goal (Lundy softie), but nevertheless, Del Zotto's giveaway. Need I say more.

Oh yeah...the refereeing tonight was atrocious. Could have been the worst I've seen in years. 6 power plays for the Penguins - 0 for the Rangers. They also missed plenty of calls that would have given the Rangers at least 3 power plays of their own. Shame on you Gary Bettman and league office for allowing these guys to be refs. Way to go Rangers for overcoming their bullsh*t and getting the hard fought 'W'.

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