Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guest Blog: NHL GM Meetings/Possible Rule Changes

by Bobby Steele

Okay, I know this is old news, but one idea may be going into the works after the next owner's meeting. First of all, what do you guys think of the new automatic game-misconduct rule and possible suspension to any player who gives blind-sided head hits that would attempt to injure the player? I for one think it's an awesome new rule. I mean look at retired NHL player Eric Lindros who suffered eight concussions in his career. That is dangerous my friends. His brother who also played in the NHL suffered one concussion and had to retire because of it. Hockey is a dangerous and contact sport. Safety is a #1 thing in life and in sports.

Anyways, one idea by Florida Panthers' GM Dale Tallon was rejected. His idea was a Coach's Challenge like they do in the NFL. I would definitely give that a 50/50. However, in the NFL you get charged with a timeout if you lose the call and in the NHL you only get one timeout a game. Does that mean you get one Coach's Challenge a game and risk losing your only timeout? I guess that's why it was rejected. I did look at that play that night between the Panthers and Leafs and Panthers' goalie Scott Clemmensen was in fact interfered and thus the Panthers lost two points.

Lastly, on the agenda for possible rule changes is the Sudden Death Format in the Regular Season. Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland wants to change the Sudden Death Format from one five minute Overtime and a best-of-3 Shootout to a five minute Overtime and if nobody scores another five minute overtime until somebody scores and so on. Just like the NBA for instance.

Ken thinks the Shootout in the beginning was exciting, but over the years it's boring, but what does he know. He's in the best city "Hockey-Town" Detroit. Of course they're going to be picky. I for one am not that picky. I love the shootout. I do have an idea though. They should put another statistic up in the standings: Shootout Loss. This way if there's a tie at the end of the season in points the team with the most overtime losses and shootout losses would not make the playoffs. It's a good philosophy. It's like a regular loss. About Ken's idea, if they do go into constant overtime like in the playoffs, everybody will be there all night, plus five minutes is not enough time to get moving and score.

It's nice that they eliminated the ties, but don't get rid of the shootouts because you take the fun out of the end game. I should know because I witnessed history at Madison Square Garden with a 13 Round Marathon between the Capitals and the Rangers. Marak Malik finally ended the shootout with a in-between his legs goal. We'll see what happens in the next GM Meeting in the spring. I hope the shootout format doesn't get erased from the NHL.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your hockey games all!!!!! LET'S GO RANGERS!!!!! 

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