Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lundqvist Calls Out The Refs & For Good Reason!

I'm usually not one of those guys that likes to bash the referees. 99% of the time, even if I don't agree with the ref's decision I keep my mouth shut. But this year more than ever before I've felt like the refereeing in this league has been atrocious. I don't watch many games other than my Rangers because of time constraints, but this can't just be happening in Rangers games. I'm not like some that feel there is this conspiracy against the New York Rangers, I just think that the refs suck.

Whether it be the three games in a row last week that the Rangers had legitimate goals disallowed, to the game in Pittsburgh last night that was probably the worst display of refereeing that I've ever seen in my life. I've seen games before where one team got a bunch of power plays and the other team none and I was fine with that because it was deserved. Last night, the refs (Kyle Rehman and Dan O'Halloran) made some of the softest calls in a close game and then seemed to turn their back on anything the Penguins did. It's tough enough to go into another team's building in this league to get two points, but now you have to beat the refs too?

Throughout the third period last night you could read my ranting (along with many other Rangers fans) on Twitter. It was obvious that John Tortorella was thinking pretty much the same thing last night because he warned the media during the post-game interviews, "Don't ask me about the refs!" Obviously because he was going to say something that would likely result in a fine by the NHL. The only people who should be fined after last night's game are the refs. And by fined I mean, fired. 

It was a disgrace.

Henrik Lundqvist, who was still very emotional after the game told Larry Brooks
I'd like to see the penalty record the last five years in Pittsburgh.

We're shorthanded so many times in Pittsburgh and it's definitely not our fault.

It was a huge win for the Rangers, which Jordan talked about in his post last night. The Rangers ran with the "us against the world" mentality and came away with the two points. It was even sweeter because of how awful the refereeing really was.

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