Friday, November 26, 2010

Video: Philly vs Calgary, Avery Causes Goal To Be Waved Off ... And He Wasn't Even Playing!

Need yet another reason to vote for Sean Avery for the NHL All-Star game? Who the hell else causes goals to be disallowed when he's not even in the game? The Flyers goal in OT, which would've ended the game and gotten the Flyers two points was disallowed because the ref determined that Chris Pronger had violated the Sean Avery rule. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me, but hey, it denies Philly two points :)

I really think that the call was awful. First of all, Pronger looks like he's just calling for the puck by waving his arm. Second, the ref makes no attempt to blow his whistle, make any motion with his arms for a good five seconds after Pronger waves his arms. He waited until the puck was in the back of the net. I'd be pretty damn pissed if that was a call against the Rangers.


Thanks to Bleeding All Blue for sending over the link of the video

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