Friday, January 7, 2011

Devils Trade Langenbrunner Back To Stars

Trade talk picked up quickly yesterday around the NHL when Devils' captain Jamie Langenbrunner made it known that the Devils asked him to waive his No Trade Clause and he was kept out of the lineup for the Devils last night against Philly.

One of the suspected front runners earlier on was Dallas, which is where Langenbrunner originally played before being traded to the Devils in 2002. Langenbrunner was traded to New Jersey along with Joe Nieuwendyk, who is now the General Manager of the Dallas Stars.

It was announced today that the Stars did in fact re-acquire Jamie Langenbrunner in exchange for conditional 3rd round pick. The pick will become a 2nd round pick if the Stars either win a playoff round this year or are able to re-sign Langenbrunner prior to July 1st.

A good pick up for the Stars and an obvious cap clearing move by the struggling New Jersey Devils.

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