Monday, February 28, 2011

Marty Biron Out Indefinitely With Broken Collarbone

According to Jesse Spector
Martin Biron has a broken collarbone and will be out indefinitely. Cam Talbot called up by #NYR
Not good news for the Rangers as yet another injury will hurt the team.

Andrew Gross answers the question I had as soon as I heard the news on whether or not Sather knew about this prior to the 3pm ET NHL Trade Deadline
Sather says price to acquire another veteran backup was pretty high. Thinks backup will only play 1 or 2 games rest of the season.

If I had to guess Biron will be out at least a month. But, unfortunately it will likely be more.

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Rangers Acquire John Mitchell from Leafs for 7th Rd Pick

Bob Mckenzie reported that Mitchell was traded to the Rangers and according to Tony Ambrogio (a Sportsnet reporter) the deal is:
Leafs get 7th rounder in 2012 from Rangers for John Mitchell.
 According to Andrew Gross:
Mitchell trade will be it for Rangers, no other deals pending trade calls with NHL.
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Relatively Quiet Day So Far

With all of the deals made in the past week it's hardly surprsing that today has been relatively quiet so far. But, we'll wait until later this evening to decide if the day was a complete waste. As most of you know it's usually most hectic up until around 4pm or so as deals that were made right before the 3pm ET trade deadline await approval by the NHL.

As of 2:30pm, the biggest deal of the day sent Dustin Penner back to California (formetly he was a Duck). Edmonton sent Penner to the Kings for a 1st round pick, a conditional pick and a prospect.

Enjoy the rest of your day, hopefully the next 2 hours get busier!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rangers Acquire McCabe From Florida

Rangers send Tim Kennedy and a 3rd round pick to the Panthers for veteran blueliner Bryan McCabe.

Posting from my phone, but I like this deal for the Rangers. Not trading much since Kennedy was going to walk this summer anyway. McCabe should help the power play, he has a very hard and accurate shot from the point. I was worried prior to the deal that New York would give up too much.

Video: Brashear Still Doing His Thing In The LNAH

Brashear takes exception to the opposing goalie giving a nasty two-handed slash to a teammate already engaged in an altercation.

Not only is The Donald still doing his thing in the LNAH (League North American Hockey)  according to the LNAH website (translated using google), the New York Times will be following Brashear this weekend. An article about Brashear and the LNAH will appear in the New York Times.


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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rumor: Rangers Close To Acquiring McCabe

On Frozen Pond, blog of Miami Herald sportswriter George Richards, says that "word is the Rangers and Panthers are close to finalizing a deal for Bryan McCabe."

Bryan McCabe is the prototypical trade deadline rental player. He's a veteran defenseman with a booming shot that is set to become a UFA this summer. McCabe is a cap hit of $5.75M. 

I'm not going to express my opinion either way until if/when a trade is completed. Sure, at the right price McCabe is an option. However, I don't see the Rangers as a sleeper team if they get into the playoffs this offseason, so giving away anything more than mid-round draft picks is going to overpayment in my eyes. Landing McCabe unfortunately will likely take more than that. McCabe makes sense from the Rangers' perspective because they have been searching for a power play quarterback that can let the puck rip with some velocity.

At the right price he'd be a good addition to finish the season, but unfortunately it'll like more that the Rangers should be willing to give up to land McCabe.

It's also worth noting that McCabe does have a "no movement clause" in his contract, so he could prevent a trade from happening.
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Video: Avery Responds To Fan's Trash Talk ... Win Avery

Fan: Avery you SUCK!
Avery: You don't have a dental plan at work?

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hockey Twitter Accounts To Follow For NHL Trade Deadline

We're less than a week away from the 2010-11 NHL Trade Deadline (although you might have thought it was last Friday based on how hectic it got). If you're a hockey nut like myself then you'll want to know about a trade or waiver move the instant it happens.

The best way to do that is to set up a Twitter account and follow the people who have a history of reporting accurate hockey news and trades as fast as possible, without wasting your time with bogus rumors.

If you "follow" the right people you can get a lot of useful information (ie. trades, signings, waiver claims, injuries) before they are reported on any of the major media outlets or websites.

Many of the major hockey sources now have twitter accounts that are updated regularly and often the updates are just seconds after news is confirmed. I have another list of "Must Follow People On Twitter," but this list has been edited slightly for the best coverage for deadline day. I have removed most players from the below list.

If nothing else, sign up for it and give it a try, it only takes a few minutes. I've put together a comprehensive list of hockey websites, beat writers, players, agents and bloggers that have the best information (in my opinion) and update their pages with mostly hockey information.

The list below is in no real particular order. To follow these people, just go to Twitter and in your internet browser address bar put the name below after the "/". For example, my Twitter account name is "PuckCentral", so my Twitter account url looks like this in the url bar:

The entire list is after the page break

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gaborik Has Concussion

Marian Gaborik is out indefinitely with a concussion. Gaborik didn't return after the first period of the Flyers vs Rangers game on Sunday.

Steve Zipay
Gaborik concussion. Torts not sure when it happened. Probably not this game
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Brad Richards: NYR Are 2nd Or 3rd Choice

The Rangers and Brad Richards have been talked about since pretty much the first day this season started and even before that.  Richards might have thrown some more fuel on that fire according to the Toronto Sun:
The free agent to-be has told an old Tampa source that he has no real interest in playing in Toronto, if he, in fact, becomes a free agent come July. Richards’ first choice is to remain in Dallas, assuming the team gets sold and can afford to sign him. His second and third choice, not necessarily in order, would be returning to Tampa (which doesn’t seem possible economically) or playing for his old coach, John Tortorella, with the New York Rangers. He has also hinted about having some interest regarding playing in Carolina. When asked about Toronto, he apparently said nothing but shook his head.
It's still unknown whether the Stars intend to trade Richards prior to the February 28th NHL Trade Deadline. But, even if the Stars do decide to hold onto Richards, without a contract extension he will become a UFA on July 1st. 

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Video: Peter Laviolette Punches Leino In Head During Timeout

via @FlyerGuy_18 on Twitter

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Looks Like Kaberle Is FINALLY A Bruin

According to TSN:
Maple Leafs have traded the veteran defenceman to the Boston Bruins in exchange for prospect centre Joe Colborne, the Bruins' first round pick in 2011 and a conditional draft pick.
The much anticipated trade has finally happened it appears. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Kaberle would become a Bruin sometime before the NHL Trade Deadline once word quickly spread earlier this week that Kaberle had agreed to waive his "No Trade Clause" to go to Boston.

One can only assume that the condition pick will be conditioned on whether Kaberle re-signs with the Bruins as a free agent or prior to becoming a UFA this summer.

That Boston defense just got a whole lot better. Look at that power play, the point being manned by both Chara and Kaberle. Or, the potential to have either one or the other on for a full two minute power play.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Leafs Trade 7th Rd Pick To Ducks For Voros

Per Darren Dreger
Leafs have acquired Aaron Voros from Ana (Syrcasue) for a conditional 7th round pick.
Initial reports are that Voros is heading right to the Leafs' AHL team, the Marlies.

Voros was traded to the Ducks this summer as part of the deal that landed the New York Rangers Steve Eminger.

I guess this is the reason the Leafs traded Versteeg yesterday, to make room for Aaron Voros :)

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Monday, February 14, 2011

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Flyers Acquire Versteeg From Leafs

According to Bob McKenzie:
TOR trades Kris Versteeg to PHI for two draft picks, including a first rounder.
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blackhawks Acquire Frolik From Florida

Confirmed by Adam Jahns of the Chicago Sun-Times:
Michael Frolik has been acquired by the Blackhawks for Jack Skille
According to Tim Sassone, the deal also includes prospects, Jessiman and Pacan, going to Florida.

If you've followed the career of Rangers draft pick Hugh Jessiman, then you'll notice that I've used the term "prospect" VERY loosely.
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Al Montoya Back In New York, This Time With The Isles

Al Montoya, a former goaltender prospect with the New York Rangers, was acquired by the Islanders.

Islanders press release:
The New York Islanders have acquired goaltender Al Montoya from the Phoenix Coyotes in exchange for a sixth round pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft. Montoya will report to the Islanders’ American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.
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Drury Out 6 Weeks, Needs Knee Surgery

Seth Rothman from InsideHockey tweets that:
Reports out of Rangers practice facility that captain Chris Drury out 6 weeks, having left knee arthroscopic surgery.
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Sather Listening To Offers For Gaborik?

According to Darren Dreger of TSN:
Among the big names potentially available - New York's Marian Gaborik might draw some interest in the days leading up to the deadline.
Ya think? He's having an off year but teams know what Gaborik is capable of doing. Heck, in the middle of this bad year, he's still managed to have two hat tricks and a four goal game. Despite his lower than normal output, he still has 34 points in 42 games. There are plenty of teams that should be kicking at Gaborik's tires, seeing exactly what it would take to get the Slovakian sniper from the Rangers. GMs wouldn't be doing their jobs if they weren't inquiring about Gaborik.
The Rangers aren't shopping Gaborik, who has struggled this season with just 16 goals in 42 games after scoring 42 last year, but word around the league is Rangers GM Glen Sather is willing to listen to offers.
Stuff like this makes fans salivate. However, the fact that Sather is willing to listen to offers doesn't really mean much. What kind of a GM would Sather be (don't answer that one) if he wasn't willing to listen to offers? Just because he's listening doesn't mean he's ready to jump at a deal or give Gaborik away. As a GM it's Sather's job to improve the New York Rangers. He has to analyze every possible offer and consider the benefits and negatives of the offer that he's received.

If Sather were to send out a memo saying that he wouldn't listen to a single offer for Gaborik, then he wouldn't be doing his job. Gaborik can be a great player, even if he's in the middle of a bad season. That doesn't mean Sather should give him away, but at the same time, Sather has to be out there listening to offers to see if there is a GM over-valuing Gaborik.

If Sather can take advantage of GMs in trades like the Gomez and Higgins deals then what could he possibly do when he actually has a prolific superstar to deal the other way? He has to listen folks...
Gaborik agreed to a five-year contract with the Rangers last July and earns $7.5 million per year.

Clearing Gaborik's salary would go a long way in creating flexibility this summer when New York faces a wave of key restricted free agents including Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, Brian Boyle and Matt Gilroy.

The Rangers will also have to invent cap space if signing Brad Richards as an unrestricted free agent this summer is a priority.
I thought the purpose of acquiring Brad Richards was so that he could feed Gaborik the puck? So, the Rangers trade Gaborik to free up space for Richards, now who puts the puck in the net when Richards makes a world class pass?

My conclusion: Obviously teams are going to ask about Gaborik. Sather wouldn't be doing his job if he werent't listening to what's being offered. But, the NHL Trade Deadline will come and go with Marian Gaborik still a New York Ranger. He may be having a bad year, but Sather isn't going to give him away. At the same time, teams likely won't be offering what Sather will want in exchange for Gaborik to get a deal done. When he's playing the way he can, Gaborik is a top 10 forward in the NHL.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rangers No Longer Interested In Souray

There were rumors for the past week that the Rangers were interested in acquiring Sheldon Souray who has spent the season in the AHL.

According to the Edmonton Journal:
The New York Rangers have closed the book on veteran defenceman Sheldon Souray, sources say.

The Rangers were looking at the former Edmonton Oilers blue-liner likely as a re-entry waivers pickup. They sent scouts to closely watch him in action as a member of the American Hockey League’s Hershey Bears on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Souray’s foot speed doesn’t fit with their current team model. He can still shoot, but the Rangers are concerned he can’t move very well, so they will look elsewhere for a power-play pointman.
The benefit of adding Souray is that he wouldn't have cost the team any assets. The Oilers want to dump his salary, so the Rangers (or another team) would be able to acquire Souray off re-entry waivers and absorb only half the cap hit. The major negative is that he's still under contract for another season. Despite the fact that Souray would likely be a major upgrade on the point for the power play (which once again last night was aboslutely abysmal), it seems that the Rangers feel that the rest of his game is no longer up to the standards required to play a regular shift at the NHL level.

New York was also rumored to be interested in Bryan McCabe a few weeks ago, but supposedly they are no longer interested in the veteran blue liner. The one main thing the Rangers badly need is a man on the power play that can fire the puck from the point. Sather will likely continue to look around the league prior to the trade deadline.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Emery Signs With Ducks

 According to Darren Dreger:
Emery signs 2-way contract with Anaheim. Will be on waivers at noon. $500,000 (NHL). $105,000 (AhL).
Emery didn't have to clear waivers if the Ducks planned on keeping him in the NHL. But, the plan is to send him to the AHL for a couple of weeks to get his conditioning up to par and get his game up to the standards needed to play in the NHL again. I'm assuming that if Emery proves himself down in the minors that he'll be recalled and current Ducks backup Curtis McElhinney will be the odd man out either he'll be traded or a much more likely scenario, be sent down to the AHL.

For those wondering why Emery disappeared for a while and wasn't re-signed in Philly it's because for a while there was concern that Emery would not be able to play hockey again. Prior to the season CSNPhilly had this update on Emery, "It’s not known whether Emery will ever play competitively again. He has AVN disease in his hip."

Ray Emery may have a troubled past, but I wish him the best of luck on his attempted comeback in the NHL.

Now the only question is if he'll refuse to report to Long Island when the Islanders claim him?  :)

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Brent Johnson Broke DiPietro's Face...Literally!

If you were under a rock for the past couple of days you may have somehow missed the Brent Johnson one punch KO of Rick DiPietro.

TSN is reporting that a lot more than DiPietro's ego is now hurting as a result of that punch. DiPietro is expected to miss some time (bet you didn't hear that line before!)
New York Islanders goaltender Rick DiPietro is expected to miss the next four-to-six weeks with both facial fractures and knee swelling.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Video: Brent Johnson Whips Rick DiPietro's Ass

via Crash The Crease

Awesome .gif courtesy of the HFBoards :)

And another .gif from The Pensblog 
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Will Chris Drury Score This Season?

Chris Drury is in the longest goal drought of his career, even longer than any drought that he had last year, which was deemed the worst season of his career to date. We're now 60% of the way through the 2010-11 NHL season (Drury has played only 22 games due to a hand injury to start the season) and Captain Chris Drury has yet to score a goal.

Through 22 games he has just 4 assists. Let's put that into prospective. Remember Derek Boogaard, the heavyweight that was brought to New York for one thing and one thing only? Well, even he had a goal (and an assist) in 22 games this season before getting injured.

Drury's defenders will point to the fact that Drury is an excellent all around player, who had a career offensive year the season before signing with the Rangers but prior to that was known around the league as a two-way player. I'll give you that, even if Drury isn't expected to put up the type of offensive numbers that his salary would lead you to believe he is expected to put up, don't you think he should have at least one goal by now?

All season the Rangers have had a crazy amount of injuries and at times during the past six weeks the roster has looked more like the Connecticut Whale than the New York Rangers. The majority of the injuries have been to forwards; Callahan, Prospal, Dubinsky, Fedotenko, Christensen and Boogaard. It was then more than ever that the Captain needed to step up and put some pucks in the back of the net. Instead it was the young players such as Derek Stepan, Mats Zuccarello and Artem Anisimov and role players like Brandon Prust and Brian Boyle who stepped it up.

The truth is that now more than ever Drury is living up to the nickname I coined him with almost two years ago -- Captain Invisible. When the injured forwards are ready to return to the lineup, look no further than the captain when it's time for Tortorella to decide exactly who should be in the press box.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Jersey Devils For Sale (Update: Maybe A Piece of Them Is)

Update (4pm ET): 


The Devils issued a statement today asserting that owner Jeff Vanderbeek does not plan to sell the team.
"As Managing Member of the New Jersey Devils, it is not my desire to sell the team," primary owner and chairman Jeff Vanderbeek said in the release. "My partner, Brick City, and I have different visions for the franchise. While Brick City has a right, under our partnership agreement, to explore a sale and Moag and Co. has been retained to assist in these efforts, I anticipate maintaining a controlling interest. “

Update (3pm ET): Craig Custance of The Sporting News says "Have been told now by multiple sources that the Devils ownership sale story isn't accurate."

Some interesting developments being reported by Kukla's Korner about the Devils being put up for sale.

According to Bloomberg, Jeff Vanderbeek, Devils owner, "has hired investment bank Moag & Co. in Baltimore to oversee the sale of the National Hockey League club."

Vanderbeek's desire to have Kovalchuk in New Jersey to boost the value of the club for his attempt to sell, sure looks like it backfired....big time.

Honestly, I'm very surprised that Vanderbeek and his group are going public with their desire to sell now. The Devils are in the middle of their worst season in over a decade, currently third from last in the entire league. Not to mention, they have a player on board (Kovalchuk) for the next fourteen years who is supposed to be the franchise player of the future and so far hasn't been impressive. I guess it's possible that management doesn't see the team getting better, but you'd have to think that the Devils will improve (even slightly) by this time next year. You also have to assume that Kovalchuk will get better.

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