Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brad Richards: NYR Are 2nd Or 3rd Choice

The Rangers and Brad Richards have been talked about since pretty much the first day this season started and even before that.  Richards might have thrown some more fuel on that fire according to the Toronto Sun:
The free agent to-be has told an old Tampa source that he has no real interest in playing in Toronto, if he, in fact, becomes a free agent come July. Richards’ first choice is to remain in Dallas, assuming the team gets sold and can afford to sign him. His second and third choice, not necessarily in order, would be returning to Tampa (which doesn’t seem possible economically) or playing for his old coach, John Tortorella, with the New York Rangers. He has also hinted about having some interest regarding playing in Carolina. When asked about Toronto, he apparently said nothing but shook his head.
It's still unknown whether the Stars intend to trade Richards prior to the February 28th NHL Trade Deadline. But, even if the Stars do decide to hold onto Richards, without a contract extension he will become a UFA on July 1st. 

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