Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rumor: Rangers Close To Acquiring McCabe

On Frozen Pond, blog of Miami Herald sportswriter George Richards, says that "word is the Rangers and Panthers are close to finalizing a deal for Bryan McCabe."

Bryan McCabe is the prototypical trade deadline rental player. He's a veteran defenseman with a booming shot that is set to become a UFA this summer. McCabe is a cap hit of $5.75M. 

I'm not going to express my opinion either way until if/when a trade is completed. Sure, at the right price McCabe is an option. However, I don't see the Rangers as a sleeper team if they get into the playoffs this offseason, so giving away anything more than mid-round draft picks is going to overpayment in my eyes. Landing McCabe unfortunately will likely take more than that. McCabe makes sense from the Rangers' perspective because they have been searching for a power play quarterback that can let the puck rip with some velocity.

At the right price he'd be a good addition to finish the season, but unfortunately it'll like more that the Rangers should be willing to give up to land McCabe.

It's also worth noting that McCabe does have a "no movement clause" in his contract, so he could prevent a trade from happening.
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