Monday, April 25, 2011

Tortorella Gets Contract Extension, Rumored To Be For 3 Years

Just hours after the New York Rangers were officially eliminated from the 2011 NHL Playoffs it was reported that Rangers' head coach John Tortorella signed a three year contract extension with the Rangers. Apparently the contract extension was actually signed a few months ago but wasn't reported by the media until after the Rangers season had ended.

As the Rangers head coach, Tortorella has a record of 94-73-18.

As much as some New York Rangers fans may dislike him, I think that it's a good move by Glen Sather. Tortorella has changed in his time in New York. He's at least learned that he can't flip out every other game. Last year it seemed like he was lashing out at the players, screaming like a maniac and cursing up a storm after every single loss. This year, it appeared (at least from the outside) that Tortorella understood that he had a team made up of a lot of younger players. This was a team that played with heart on a nightly basis. When the team lost (for the most part) it wasn't for lack of effort. Tortorella did better than many expected this year with a really young team and a ton of injuries. 

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