Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rangers To Play Flyers In Winter Classic & Appear On HBO's 24/7!

As has been rumored for quite some time, the Rangers and Flyers will participate in the 2011-12 Winter Classic. Even more exciting is the idea that the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers will be the spotlight of the HBO series 24/7 leading up to the Winter Classic.

On a side note, I'm willing to bet that John Tortorella drops more F-bombs in the first half an hour of the series than Bruce Boudreau dropped in the entire series last season :)

Also, I'm pretty sure there will be no more Vespa sightings this time around (at least I hope no Ranger is using one, I will lose all respect that I have for any player that is caught riding one).

Lots more information can be found over at The Score

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