Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Callahan Re-Signs; 3 yr deal, Rumored $4.2M Per Season

As expected, and as I had predicted last week once Brandon Dubinsky had re-signed. The Rangers have re-signed winger Ryan Callahan to a three year deal. The contracts terms are not official yet, but Kevin Allen states:
Ryan Callahan's new contract breakdown: $4M, $4M, $4.85M for the three seasons...
Obviously that $12.85M figure can go up or down slightly and that will make a difference as to what the cap hit will be, but as of now that leaves Callahan's cap hit around $4.28M per season.

Honestly, I expected the Rangers to get Callahan under contract for at least four years based on the contract Dubinsky got last week. Callahan gets a little more money and a one year shorter deal because the Rangers are still buying out two seasons that Callahan would be eligible for UFA status. The Dubinsky contract, although one year longer, also buys out two years of Dubinsky becoming a UFA. The other smart part of this deal is that the next time Callahan and Dubinsky's contracts expire, they will not be in the same summer.

Now the questions is, will Ryan Callahan be announced as the next Rangers captain prior to the start of the 2011-12 season?

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