Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dubinsky Contract Holdup Is Over Length, Not Money

Many fans are overreacting in my opinion about the rumor that Brandon Dubinsky and the New York Rangers are still not close on a contract. However, to me the report by Jesse Spector is a good sign.

Typically in these type of negotations the player and team can't agree on the length of the contract or the amount of money. According to the Daily News article, "the sticking point in negotiations is not money, but years for a new contract." Based on that I predict that the Rangers can get Dubinsky signed ahead of his arbitration hearing this Thursday. If the report is accurate then Dubisnky is not overpricing himself or demanding an obscene amount of money, he's just looking for a longer deal than the Rangers are willing to do at this time. If I were to guess Dubinksy is attempting to get a deal in excess of 5 years and the Rangers are only willing to go three or maybe four maximum.

If the sides don't come to an agreement and the parties head to arbitration then it's likely that the Rangers will opt for the arbitration award be for a two year contract. If Dubinsky is awarded a two year contract based on the arbitrator's decision then Dubisnky would be a UFA after the 2012-2013 season.

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