Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rangers Sign Brian Boyle To 3 Year Deal

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The New York Rangers knocked another RFA off the list of those to be re-signed by getting Brian Boyle under contract for another three years with a cap hit of $1.7M per year.

I have to say I'm not all that surprised at the cap hit, although I was hoping that Sather could get Boyle signed for a cap hit less than $1.5M per year. I think if it were a two year deal that the Rangers could've gotten that deal, but I would guess that the extra $200k per year was to get Boyle signed for the third year.

It's a risk for the Rangers in my opinion because prior to this past season Boyle had never scored more than 4 goals in a single NHL season. He did finish last season with 21 goals and 35 points but down the stretch in the final 23 games he had a measly one goal and two assists. So we''ll have to wait and see whether over the length of the three year contract we're going to see the "old" Brian Boyle OR the "new" Brian Boyle.

It's also a slight risk for Boyle because if he continues to improve at the rate he did last season (which I feel is unlikely) then in the open market in another year or two he could get well over $2M. However, if I'm Boyle, this is a deal that I can certainly live with. We can only hope that Brian Boyle can match the year he had last season.

Next on Sather's agenda will be to get Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan under contract. If no agreement can be made in the next week or so then the parties will head to arbitration.

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