Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rumor: Stamkos Told Tampa He Wants To Be Traded

Erik Erlendsson, beat writer for the Tampa Tribune tweeted earlier:
Mark Guy, agent for Stamkos, on rumor he wants a trade "Absolutely 100 percent false''

[Getting some heat for posting this rumor, so take it for what it is, a rumor]

If you've been reading Puck Central for anytime at all then you know that I don't like to cover ridiculous rumors. Not only do I not like to cover them, I just don't cover them. The reason being that 96.9% of the time the rumors are a load of garbage and there's no real wind behind them.

However, Incarcerated Bob has been breaking a lot of stories lately in the four major sports and his credibility has continued to grow. Today he is reporting that:
Stamkos told agent he wants a *TRADE* unhappy with the Lightning's latest offer (Leafs / Flames / Habs) in it
Due to the fact teams are scared of offering a RFA offer, Stamkos wants a sign & trade (Leafs / Flames / Habs)
negotiations have turned bad & Stamkos is getting pissed off that Tampa made it known they would make a team regret signing him to offer sheet
Only time will tell if Stamkos is actually traded. Obviously pretty much every team in the NHL will make a call to Steve Yzerman (Tampa GM) to see what he's asking for in return. But, the truth is, most teams don't have the cap space to take on the contract that Stamkos is going to want.

This doesn't guarantee by any means that Stamkos will be traded. In fact, it could just be nothing more than negotiation tactics by Stamkos and his agent.
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