Monday, July 11, 2011

Wolski: Shotgun to Richard & Gaborik or Buy Out?

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I'm not sure what to think of the potential outcomes for left winger Wojtek Wolski. It's interesting that he could either start the season on the top line alongside Gaborik and/or Richards or he could be bought out before the summer is even over.

Because the Rangers filed for arbitration with Boyle, Callahan and Dubinsky the Rangers will have a second buy out window which begins three days after the Ryan Callahan hearing on July 28th and lasts 48 hours. You'll recall that during the last buy out window the Rangers bought out Chris Drury.

Wolski has one year left on his contract, earning $4M this season, with a cap hit of $3.8M. According to the NY Post "a Wolski buyout would come with a cap charge of $467,000 this year -- a saving of $3.33 million -- and $667,000 for 2012-13."

Whether or not Wolski is bought out will likely hinge on how the arbitration hearings with Boyle, Callahan and Dubinsky go. If the three get larger than expected contracts then the Rangers may need to buy out Wolski in order to stay under the salary cap. 

If the Rangers don't buy out Wolski then he could get the chance to play left wing on the Rangers top line. The Rangers have several left wingers but none who are what you would consider a true number one line winger. However, it is a contract year for Wolski, so he may be trying extra hard with the hopes of landing a lucrative contract next summer.

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