Friday, August 5, 2011

Avery Arrested In California For Shoving A Cop

Sean Avery was arrested early this morning for shoving a police officer at his home in Hollywood Hills, CA.

According to TMZ:
According to law enforcement sources, a neighbor called police to complain about the noise coming from Avery's home. When police arrived at about 1:00 AM, we're told Avery answered the door ... then shoved a cop and slammed the door behind him.
Police then knocked again, and we're told Avery came to his senses and opened up. According to law enforcement ... Avery was extremely cooperative after that, but was still booked for battery on a peace officer.
If the report is true, what the hell was he thinking? Did he expect the cops to just go away? Makes me wonder how big of a role alcohol played in this fiasco, not that it excuses his actions.

One can only expect that as soon as he bails himself out of jail he'll have some explaining to do to Glen Sather, John Tortorella and the NHL.

Since he's a celeb he'll likely get a tap on the behind, doubt he actually serves any jail time beyond the time he spent in a cell last night waiting for the judge to set bail.

Check out Puck Daddy for more details, H/T to them for the video

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