Thursday, August 18, 2011

Surprise, Surprise No Charges Against Avery

According to TMZ:
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, "No criminal charges of any kind will be filed against Sean Avery stemming from his August 5 arrest for battery on a police officer."
But according to law enforcement sources, a further investigation revealed that no officer was ever actually pushed.
So why were the charges dropped?
We're told the officer who made the battery report did so after his foot was caught in Avery's front door -- and multiple witnesses have corroborated the story.
According to sources, police don't believe it's appropriate to charge Avery -- and agree the matter would be best handled by an informal meeting with the L.A. City Attorney, who's expected to officially close the case ... without prosecution.
Ok, I have to admit that even I'm a little surprised the way this turned out. I assumed that Avery would've gotten a slap on the wrist with community service or some other form of punishment. But I did predict that there was nothing for Rangers fans or Avery to worry about when the report was originally made by TMZ about Avery pushing a cop.

Unfortunately for the Avery haters this is terrible news.

Rather funny looking back at it how so many idiots people thought this was the end of Avery's Rangers and NHL career. Actually, it was pretty funny at the time too - now it's hysterical.

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