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Avery Continues To Say The Right Things ...

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Sean Avery continues to say all the right things when asked about his situation of being demoted to the AHL and the remote possibility of getting re-called to the NHL this year because of salary cap concerns. Avery who was claimed off of re-entry waivers from the Dallas Stars several years ago earns almost $4M per year, but while still playing in the NHL last season was only a cap hit of around $1.9M for the Rangers who split the cap hit with his former team, the Stars.

After being demoted to Hartford Connecticut before the start of the NHL season the chances of Avery being recalled this season by the Rangers is unlikely. Why? The reason being if the Rangers were to recall Avery, he'd have to first go through re-entry waivers. Meaning, 29 other teams would have first dibs at claiming him. In my opinion it's still very unlikely that any team would put in a waiver claim for Avery, but if they were to, Avery would still count as a $900k cap hit for the Rangers. The reason being the Rangers and his new team would be responsible for 25% of the cap and the Dallas Stars responsible for 50% of the cap. Truthfully, at this point the Rangers would likely need to be pretty desperate to risk that cap hit for a player not on the roster.

However, since his demotion, Avery has continued to say the right things. In an article in today's Bergen Record discussing the loophole to bury NHLers in the AHL Avery said:
I think that’s a consequence when they sign contracts, and it depends what team you sign with, some owners are willing to spend money to make their team better whether it’s to spend money to get rid of a guy or spend that money to sign a guy
He went onto add
That’s the sacrifice you make. You feel sorry for anybody making $5 million? Rip up your deal. If you want to play in the NHL that bad, rip your contract up.

Last week Avery said that New York is the only place he wants to play:
I have a lot of other things going on that is going to pay me when I'm done playing hockey.
I would play for the minimum, whatever that is, $500,000. Why not?
We'll see how that plays out, remember, it's not that long ago that he turned down an offer from the New York Rangers and jumped ship for more money with the Stars. Not that I fault him for that, maybe it was that lucrative deal that has him feeling financially comfortable enough to take a pay cut to continue living the dream. Truthfully, outside of the Rangers there may not be many teams willing to give Avery another shot, even for the league minimum.

I certainly hope we haven't seen the last of Sean Avery in the NHL. Love him or hate him, he was entertaining. On any given night he had the potential to have us all talking about something that he did.

He's an above average hockey player, despite what many critics would have you believe. His haters downplay his contributions to the team and whine about Avery's antics. Like it or not, those antics were pretty damn successful in drawing a lot of power plays for the Rangers and throwing many players off their game. In his time in New York he had a lot of penalty minutes, you may be surprised to know, he drew more minor penalties than he took.

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