Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rangers To Recall Avery!

Source: NYRZone
Update 4:25pm: Larry Brooks confirms that Avery will be placed on re-entry waivers Monday by the Rangers. 29 other teams can place a claim for Avery. It's expected that Avery will clear re-entry waivers and be available for the Rangers game on Thursday against the Ducks.
Update @ 2:55pm: No confirmation yet and still a lot of speculation but Nick Kypreos tweeted:
Look for #Rangers 2 put Sean Avery on recallable waivers as early as Mon. He still wouldn't be eligible 2 play Mon vs #Sharks due 48 hr rule
Now, this still doesn't mean anything is set in stone to me. This could be confirming the rumors or just adding an explanation if the rumors were true. We'll just have to wait and see...


Boomer Esiason did a pretty good job of getting all our panties in a bunch this fine Sunday morning. He posted on Twitter this morning:
Little birdie telling me Sean Avery is back! Thank God! Finally some energy! For the NYR.
And that was all it took to get the rumor rolling. As of 1:30pm there has been no additional reports of Avery being recalled and no one else in the media has picked up on this rumor. Does Boomer have a legit source for this? Is he playing around with us? Is someone he knows fooling around with Boomer and us?

If Avery were to be recalled he'd have to clear re-entry waivers on Monday. Something that is not a guarantee, but something that most NHL pundits seem to believe is likely. If Avery were claimed off re-entry waivers by another team then the Dallas Stars would be responsible for 50% of his cap hit, the Rangers for 25% (about $950k) and Avery's new team for the remaining 25%.

Avery has been saying the right things since being demoted prior to the start of the season. He played in two games this week with The Whale, scoring the game winner in the shootout last night. But, it does seem like a fast turnaround from the rumors last week that Avery would never play on Broadway again.

Keep checking the AHL transaction page, that's the first place you'll likely hear about the recall (if it happens)!

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