Monday, October 31, 2011

Thornton Calls Rangers "Soft," Which Reminds Me Of The Time Lindros Broke His Face

After last night's loss to the New York Rangers by a score of 5-2, Sharks center Joe Thornton said:
To be honest, they were probably the softest team we played against on this road trip, and we should have had these two points.
Which may be true, but not certain what the point of the statement was. First of all, Thornton was pretty much invisible all night. Secondly, you just got beat 5-2. Finally, it's the only time that the two teams meet all year unless Thornton thinks this is some great smack talk for the rivalry if the two meet in the Stanley Cup Final.

For some reason Thornton's "soft" comments immediately reminded me of the night Eric Lindros broke his face with one punch.

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