Saturday, October 29, 2011

Why The Hell Is Christensen (aka Charmin) Still On This Team?

If you've been following me on Twitter any length of time then you'd know of my serious problem with Erik Christensen being a New York Ranger. I had a problem with him when he was centering Gaborik last season and became the team's de facto #1 center and I have an even bigger problem with him this year now that he's ousted Sean Avery from the NHL and continues to be his useless self.

What I can't for the life of me understand is what the hell John Tortorella or Glen Sather see in this guy? He is in my opinion the most inconsistent player to have worn a Rangers jersey in the past decade. He's so anti-physical that he makes Petr Nedved look like a friggin power forward. It's not bad enough that this clown was getting a regular role on the fourth line, Tortorella is now experimenting with him as the team's number one center AGAIN. It didn't work last year and honestly, it looks like instead of taking a step forward, Mr. Christensen has taken a giant step backward.

Thankfully yesterday it didn't take long for Tortorella to replace him on the top line with Derek Stepan. But seriously, what the heck does this guy have that infatuates John Tortorella? Sure he's got some skill, the problem is he lacks any physical ability to make himself room. Sure he's fast, but he looks like he's skating with zero purpose 95% of the time. And whatever skill he does have is completely offset by what in my opinion is a complete lack of heart. Oh yeah, he was also semi-useful when he actually scored in the shootout, but now he even sucks at doing that! (0-2 this season)

Since day one  as Rangers head coach John Tortorella has preached about accountability and that players who deserve to stay in the lineup will and players that don't won't. Let's not even get into the Sean Avery debate. There are going to be Avery supporters and Avery haters, my position on this side of the debate is abundantly clear. But are you seriously telling me that Erik Christensen is even the 12th best forward in this organization? His skill set is that of a top six forward and if he ain't in the top six then he shouldn't be anywhere near the ice. He clearly isn't worthy of a top six position on this team. Therefore, get him the hell out of here.

After the game last night Tim Erixon and Kris Newbury were sent back to Connecticut and I can only assume that means that Zuccarello will be re-called. Don't get me wrong, Newbury hasn't done much to keep himself in the Rangers lineup but he sure brings more to the table than Christensen.

The only unresolved issue surrounding Christensen is what his new nickname should be? Personally I prefer "Charmin," while others liked the nickname I had given him "Tin Man."

The rationale behind each is below as I had posted on Twitter this week:
"Tin Man" - because he has no heart
 "Charmin" - both soft and good for $hit 
 Let's just hope he isn't around long enough for a new nickname to be worth getting used to!

Added 10/30/11:
I posted a poll over at HFBoards to see what the genuine consensus on Christensen was amongst NYR fans and not surprisingly at this point with 78 votes, more than 80% of voters say Christensen should be in the AHL.

Also, funny that while digging through old posts today I came across my post on PuckCentral when Christensen was claimed off waivers by the Rangers in December of 2009. Yeah, I wasn't that excited about the acquisition even then!

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