Friday, November 25, 2011

Deveaux Suspended 3 Games For Elbow

Andre Deveaux will be suspended for 3 NHL games for his elbow on Wednesday night to the head of Thomas Flesichmann during the Ranger loss to the Panthers. I'm not surprised in the least by the suspension, I had predicted 3 games yesterday. The suspension will cost Deveaux approximately $8,500 bucks and may result in a demotion to the AHL, although not directly because of the elbow itself.

Listen to Brendan Shanahan explain the suspension here:

My initial reaction was that although the elbow looked nasty and was definitely suspension worthy that Deveaux just happened to react to a move by Flesichmann to avoid Deveaux. I didn't think that the hit was intent to injure and I'm glad that the NHL agreed.

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