Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NHL Rule Book Time, Why Callahan's Goal Was A Goal

Anyone watching tonight's Rangers game saw Ryan Callahan awarded a goal late in the third period when he was hooked down by Martin Erat and the puck never went into the net. I personally have known it's been a rule for a long time but never actually saw that call made during a live game that I was watching.

If you are interested in what the exact rule here, well here it is straight from the NHL rule book:
25.1 Awarded Goal – A goal will be awarded to the attacking team when the opposing team has taken their goalkeeper off the ice and an attacking player has possession and control of the puck in the neutral or attacking zone on, without a defending player between himself and the opposing goal, and he is prevented from scoring as a result of an infraction committed by the defending team (see 26.3 Infractions – When Goalkeeper is Off the Ice, below).

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