Friday, February 24, 2012

Flames Twitter Feed Busts On Oilers & Hemsky

Update: Flames official website confirms what I had speculated earlier, it was meant for a personal twitter account and was published to the official team feed instead by mistake.

So a rumor came out that Ales Hemsky had been offered a two year deal worth $10M to stay in Edmonton. It didn't take long for the Flames Twitter feed to tweet about it:

The tweet was deleted and then quickly the Flames stated "We apologize for a tweet that was sent out from our account inadvertently. We are looking into the matter."  I can only assume that the Flames social media intern guru meant to tweet the message out on their own personal account and somehow they were still logged into their work account. #Priceless

Truthfully, they probably said what most of us were thinking. Hemsky may be a good player but he's almost as injury prone as our good friend Rick DiPietro.


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