Sunday, February 19, 2012

Is Dubinsky On The Trade Block? Rick Nash Not Such A Hot Idea

If you've read any rumor heading into next Monday's NHL Trade Deadline that involves the Rangers it likely involves forward Brandon Dubinsky heading out of New York. This isn't the first time that Dubinksky's name is being thrown around in potential deals and it likely won't be the last.

Dubinksy told The Bergen Record:
"You’ve just got to laugh that off," Dubinsky said after Saturday’s practice. "If it does happen, it would [stink]. I love it here."
I'm a huge Dubinsky fan and as disappointing as his offensive number have been this season he still brings a lot to this New York Rangers team. No matter how much he's contributed offensively he still has played an important role in helping this team get to number one in the East over half way through the season. He's a young leader on the team, plays a lot of minutes on the penalty kill and is always ready to stand up for teammates. He's strong as an ox and one of the better players on the team at cycling the puck down low and retaining possession of the puck.

I understand that in order to get you have to give. If the Rangers want to obtain a good player then they either have to give up someone good in return or else give up high draft picks or top prospects. Given Dubinsky's cap hit of $4.2M through 2014-15, the Rangers (or any team he plays for) certainly will be hoping for more offensively from Dubsinky. I'm not sure how realistic it is to expect Dubisnky to be a consistent 25+ goal scorer or a top 6 forward. I predicted several years ago that Dubisnky was likely going to be a consistent 20 goal scorer and a solid top 9 forward, with top potential being a second line forward. Unfortunately with playing time on Jaromir Jagr's wing a few years back I think many fans had much higher hopes for Dubi's offensive stats.

Unfortunately as we've seen over the years with guys like Chris Drury and Bobby Holik, when you pay a guy the money that a top offensive star gets paid, it doesn't necessarily equal offensive production.

If the right deal comes along I'd be willing to trade Dubinsky. I like him but like I said, you have to give to get. When the Rangers were a rumored suitor for Bobby Ryan earlier this year I had no problems including Dubinsky (although I was hesitant to see what other players/picks/prospects would also be included). However, I am very very very against a deal for Rick Nash. Not only is Nash going to require a lot of talent leaving the Rangers organization, Nash is going to take up a ton of cap space (to the rune of $7.8M) through 2017-18.

I see Rick Nash and his cap hit significantly tying up the Rangers cap-wise for the next 7 years. He automatically becomes top cap hit on the team. Does that cause any locker room problems? With this group the chemistry seems to be just right and right now. Rick Nash is scheduled to be a cap hit of $1M more per year than Lundqvist for the duration of his contract.

The one good thing about Nash is he's still pretty young at 27 years old, but as NHL snipers go, has he already peaked?
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