Monday, February 27, 2012

NHL Trade Deadline 2012 - Where To Get The Most Up To Date Trades

The 2011-12 NHL Trade Deadline is upon us. NHL GMs around the league will be busy today trying to either get something of value for a player they no longer want or find that final piece to turn their team into serious Cup contenders. The official deadline is 3PM ET but I'm sure this year will be no different than in years past, with deals trickling in until after 5PM, as they await the NHL's approval.

Whether you are sitting at home on your couch all day, stuck in a classroom or feverishly refreshing your computer while you're sitting at work, here are the best places to get the latest trade information:
  • The HFBoards Trade Rumors forum is probably one of the best pages to keep refreshing throughout the day. I've been a member of HFBoards for a few years now and used to regularly visit their site long before I became a registered member. I've been using the site for the past few years because it is not just one source, you have thousands of members who are listening to all types of media throughout the day and are updating the forum with the latest news.
  • The NHL Network will have a special trade deadline special on the entire day from 8AM ET until 7:30PM ET. Throughout the day, the NHL Network "will simulcast TSN's 10-hour flagship show, TradeCentre '12."

  • If you use Twitter then you should follow @PuckCentral - we'll have the latest trade updates posted throughout the day. If you want to know the best hockey twitter accounts, we have that covered for you here.

  • If you are to follow no one else on Twitter then you must follow @TSNBobMcKenize and @DarrenDreger
Here's a Trade Deadline information sheet that the NHL had released two years ago, I'm sure that a lot of the information is still relevant, such as whether a trade can go through after 3PM ET and how a trade is made.

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