Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Would You Trade To Get Ovechkin?

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You already know how I feel about the Rangers trading for Rich Rick Nash.

It's pretty much guaranteed that Alex Ovechkin is not going anywhere. It's almost a waste of our time discussing this. But, The Washington Times had this to say:
Whatever the case, it’s never good when a beloved former Capital such as Kolzig calls out the team’s leader, wonders about his “work ethic” and why he’s gotten away from playing “hard, no-nonsense, honesty type of hockey.” It also raises the possibility that, hey, maybe the front office is getting a little tired of Ovechkin’s act, too. Perhaps they would consider trading him if the right offer came along — if not now, under the gun, then in the less-hurried offseason.
Like I've already said, I think there's pretty much zero chance he's traded. But, what would you give up for him if you had the chance? I think it's safe to say he could command a hell of a lot more than Rick Nash.

As much as I like Ovechkin, I think he's someone I'd avoid unless the deal were something that you couldn't say no to.

This isn't just for Rangers fans, this is for fans of all teams. What would you give up for the man they call AO?

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