Monday, May 14, 2012

Betting On The Cup Winner

Even if you don't like to bet on hockey it's still interesting to see what the professionals have to say about the odds of each team winning the Stanley Cup.  If you are looking to bet on who is going to win either the Eastern Conference Finals match up between the Rangers and Devils or the Western Conference Finals between the Kings and Predators or even bet on the eventual Stanley Cup winner then a good way to find a reputable sports betting site is to check out the sportsbook review.

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According to one top sports betting website if you are betting on the Eastern Conference winner the Rangers have 1/1 odds and the Devils have 5/4 odds. Meanwhile, the Rangers and Kings are now the favorites to win the Stanley Cup with 9/4 odds. The Coyotes and Devils have 7/2 odds on going on to win the Cup.

Heading into the NHL playoffs here were the odds:

Pittsburgh Penguins 4/1
New York Rangers 11/2
Vancouver Canucks 11/2
St. Louis Blues 15/2
Boston Bruins 8/1
Detroit Red Wings 12/1
Nashville Predators 14/1
Philadelphia Flyers 14/1
Chicago Blackhawks 16/1
San Jose Sharks 18/1
Los Angeles Kings 20/1
New Jersey Devils 25/1
Washington Capitals 30/1
Florida Panthers 35/1
Ottawa Senators 40/1
Phoenix Coyotes 40/1

Anyone who put a few dollars down on either the Predators, Devils or especially the Coyotes could do really well if one of those teams were to win the Cup. In fact, before the playoffs began, Puck Daddy said "You know, throwing $100 on the Coyotes at 40/1 and hoping Mike Smith stays hot isn't such a bad idea." At this point, if you have money on the Coyotes, you have to be getting antsy thinking a nice pay day could be coming your way. But, there's a lot of hockey left!

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