Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rangers Better Start Getting Points

The Bruins come into the Garden tonight with a start to the season that is the polar opposite of the Rangers. The Bruins beat the Jets in a shootout on Monday night after knocking off the Rangers in the season opener in Boston on Sunday.

The Rangers on the other hand have had about as shitty a start to the season as you could imagine; losing Saturday to the Bruins and then were beaten fairly easily 6-3 on Sunday at the Garden by the Penguins.

I didn't see the Boston game on Saturday, so I can't pretend to compare what they did in that one to what they need to do tonight. But, I can tell you they sure as hell better show up willing to play better than they did on Sunday against the Pens. On Sunday for a good three-quarters of the game if you told me the Rangers thought it was the NHL All-Star game I would've believed you. The forecheck was weak most of the game and it seemed like the defense lacked any tenacity in their own zone. Penguins were allowed to skate freely through the center of the ice with and without the puck. Lundqvist wasn't terrible, but at the same time, he didn't do much to help his team prior to being pulled midway through the game.

Stu Bickel who was to blame for the second goal on Sunday against the Pens has gotten the wrath of most fans. But, let's be realistic the Rangers didn't lose because of Bickel's gaff on the second goal. The Rangers lost because they were pretty awful. Marian Gaborik was invisible as was Derek Stepan.

Rick Nash who scored a short-handed goal in the loss on Sunday was in my opinion the best Ranger on the ice. In the first period he threw a couple of big hits in one shift, he used his body down low on a few occasions and he looked like the only NYR forward with an ounce of creativity.

One team is going to start the season with a three game streak, the Rangers are hoping that it isn't them.

In a shortened NHL season, the old saying you can't make the playoffs in the first month of the season but you can certainly miss them because of the first month, is even more true than usual.

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