Monday, January 28, 2013

Rangers Rumored Interested In Subban, Should They Be?

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Montreal and restricted free agent PK Subban are apparently still very far apart when it comes to signing a contract extension. Subban has yet to play a game this season and based on the way contracts talks are looking, it doesn't sound like he'll be playing in Montreal any time soon.

As you'd expect, this has got the rumor mill going. Several teams are rumored to be in the mix for Subban; including the Rangers and Flyers.

I don't think the Rangers should be in the mix here. There is one main reason why Sather shouldn't even be picking the phone up. Ignore the fact the Canadiens are going to want an arm and a leg for Subban. Ignore the fact that as the NY Rangers Blog points out, this could cause problems down the line for the Rangers attempts to sign their own restricted free agents.

The main reason the Rangers should not be inquiring about Subban is the fact he seems to be a problem in the locker room. Last season alone he got into physical confrontations with four of his own teammates (David Desharnais, Mathieu Darche, Louis Leblanc & Tomas Plekanec). The odd skirmish at practice is often seen as no big deal. But, when the same player is involved time and time again you have to think that maybe he is a problem.

Last year the Rangers seemed to have real good chemistry and a lot of the players seemed like they really were friends off the ice. To me, that's important. If you are friends with your teammate you will be willing to do anything for him and want to do your best not to let your team down. If you got a guy like Subban on your team, no matter how talented he is, there's a serious chance he's going to significantly screw up alter that chemistry.

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