Sunday, February 24, 2013

Video: Tortorella Asks Media How High Pacioretty Jumped To Hit McDonagh & My Thoughts On Team Softness

Love that John Tortorella is willing to stand up for his players. But, not one New York Ranger reacted after that hit. How about players start standing up for your teammates so that your coach isn't the only one doing it in a post-game media wrap up.

It's no coincidence that as this team has gotten more spineless the results have gotten more ugly. This is the softest New York Rangers team the franchise has dressed in years. Five years ago I was sadly at the Rangers/Flyers game where the Rangers scratched Colton Orr and Todd Fedoruk ran around all night long (video of Fedoruk destroying Jagr). Glen Sather vowed that the Rangers would never dress a team that was that soft again.The next time the two teams played Orr did this.

Maybe, just maybe this will send a wake up call. A wake up to the players to man up, a wake up to management to stop acquiring players who would do wonderful in an NHL All-Star game but not so great in a regular season game where you need some sandpaper. Outside of Ryan Callahan, there is not one other player on the top nine lines who is willing to pay the sacrifice with their body.

Perhaps the most sickening moment of last night's game was watching Derek Stepan laughing it up on the bench late in the third period of a 3-0 game. At least act like you give a damn!

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